Ice Fishing - The Ultimate Guide

Ice Fishing - The Ultimate Guide

First Place - Book Category - 2011 Outdoor Writers of Canada Annual Communication Awards

Second Place - Book Category - 2011 Outdoor Writers Association of America Excellence in Craft Contest

Available for purchase through Fox Chapel Publishing.

Ice Fishing - The Ultimate Guide is the edgiest and most comprehensive guide to help ice fishing enthusiasts catch more and bigger fish. Winter fishing technology and strategies are advancing at a blistering pace and this new 214-page book covers everything from timeless ice fishing basics to the latest techniques.

"Whether you are an ice fishing novice or pro, there is something in this book for you," says Bob Izumi, host of The Real Fishing Show.

Inside, readers will be enchanted by over 200 full-color photos that portray the spirit and science of modern ice fishing. Part reference guide, part coffee table book, Ice Fishing - The Ultimate Guide is the perfect Christmas gift for any angler, and a great tool for the modern ice angler, says Brian "Bro" Brosdahl, ice fishing pioneer and iconic northwoods guide.

Ice Fishing - The Ultimate Guide talks the talk and walks the walk on contemporary ice fishing clothing, electronics, on-the-ice safety, seasonal techniques, the newest gear, and chapter after chapter of species-specific coverage of North America's most sought after fish. Readers will also appreciate the contributions from over 20 of North America's most respected hardwater experts, such as Gord Ellis, Gord Pyzer, Noel Vick, Dave Genz, and Jeff Gustafson, to name a few.

"Ice Fishing - The Ultimate Guide by Tim Allard is the book every ice fisherman deserves to have. Allard is an Ontario-based outdoor writer and photographer who clearly loves ice fishing. His work is a how-to masterpiece...His book is attractive, well-designed and beautifully illustrated with photographs. I am not a big fan of how-to books. Too many get bogged down in the minutiae of the subject matter. But this one will have a place on my shelves. Allard's writing is crisp and informative. His depth of knowledge is obvious without becoming a burden to read. I was equally impressed with Allard's discussion about 'selective harvest', releasing the larger fish and harvesting the smaller, more abundant fish so that 'their big-fish genes' are passed on to future generations of fish. Allard's book should prove useful and informative to both novice and experienced ice fishermen." Howard Meyerson, The Grand Rapids Press

"Ice fishing continues to evolve, mainly because of technical advances in gear. Ice Fishing - The Ultimate Guide by Tim Allard is exceptionally up to date, beautifully laid out and organized, and is a must-have for beginning and seasoned anglers alike....The meat of this book is a section that focuses on popular fish species, with tips and techniques on how to put them on the ice. Walleye, perch, pike, trout, lake trout you name it Allard includes them here." Dan Ladd, Adirondack Hunting & Fishing Report

"For a hit, no matter the season? It's a book called Ice Fishing - The Ultimate Guide, written by Ottawa area author and photographer Tim Allard. I received one earlier this year and have read it, re-read it and am still poring through it. Talk about a wealth of information!" Terry Curtis,

"This book by Ontario native Tim Allard is a great book to learn from. The color photos are imaginative, tell their own story, and Allard's text is filled with hard-earned knowledge that can help any ice fisherman catch more fish.... Learn how to look at a new body of water and determine where to go to catch the most fish....If you enjoy hard-water fishing, look no further than this book. It is honestly the best ice fishing book I've ever seen." Dave Richey

"The ice fishing world craves new literature and videos, and Tim's new book is one that every angler needs in their inventory!" Matt Johnson, Ice fishing guide, Minnesota

Available for purchase through  Fox Chapel Publishing.